Dog Crate Training... Is It Kind?... Is It Cruel?

Some Do's and Don'ts

Is It Kind or Cruel?

Many pet owners regard crate training as a wonderful experience; whereas, others regard it as abusive and inhumane. Which do you feel? Understanding the natural tendency of all dogs will weed out fact from fiction. Dogs in the wild live in a den. Like it's ancestors and relatives, the domestic dog seeks the comfort and safety of a space to call his own. His "den" in this case, his crate, provides him with a great deal of security and psychological satisfaction. In the wild the den protects the dog from predators and the elements. In the domestic dog, the crate provides protection from the owners when they come home from a busy day and the puppy is safe and warm in his crate having not destroyed the family heirloom in the owner's absence. By taking advantage of mother nature, a dog owner can quickly housebreak, control chewing and actually raise a well adjusted, self confident dog, and keep him safe from just about anything.

"He's so sweet, yet so out of control."

"I would keep her but she's so destructive."

"I really hated to get rid of her, but I just couldn't cope with it anymore."

These familiar words are heard by Humane Society workers every day. They hear them from frustrated pet owners who give up their animals because of various behavior problems. Regardless of the breed, appeal or the size of the dog, the possibility of finding a permanent home for a dog with behavior problems is small. How would the dog have felt if the well-meaning pet owner had taken the suggestion of a vet, friend, or trainer to use the crate. Would the dog, watching her owners leave her behind, know the true answer to the question:

Is a dog crate cruel...or could it really be kind?

Crate training is logical, painless, and orderly for the owner. It is proper and humane for the dog, The older dog who has been adopted by a new family can benefit as well until adjustment is made within the new home.

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